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  • General Physician Or Specialist – Who To Approach First?

    General Physician Or Specialist – Who To Approach First?

    A General physician is one who we generally simply call a “doctor”, who deals with all sorts of common diseases like cough, cold, tonsils, flu, fever, body aches, blood pressure, diabetes, and more. When we fall sick, the first thing that comes to mind is to see such a general doctor to identify the problem that we are encountering, so that he can give us some general three-day dosage to help us recover. This means that he is the first point of contact when it comes to treating our health.

    Why is a general physician the “first” point of contact?

    Why we say “first” point of contact is because there could be other specialized doctors that we may have to meet if our condition is not as simple as we think it to be. For example, we may consider a stomach pain to be a simple digestive or food poisoning disorder, only to realize after consulting a general physician that it is in fact a kidney stone problem, which calls for a meeting with a urologist. Or, we may consider nasal congestion and headache as a normal common cold problem, which may actually be identified as sinusitis by a general physician, requiring us to reach out to an ENT specialist immediately. So, you can clearly see how a general physician helps us identify the deeper aspects of our health problems to know if we need a specialist, in case of any serious issues.

    General physician – An appropriate choice or not?

    After reading the segment above, you would definitely understand the significance of a general physician; after which you wouldn’t ask the above question. However, if you still have some doubts, we are here to clear them for you. A general physician is a trained medical professional who specializes in treating general health issues of the body with only medications and injections; and not any type of surgery. Thus, whenever you fall ill or encounter an injury, you should get in touch with a general physician first. If the damage is minute and can be resolved only by medications or injections, there should be nothing to worry about, as he will be able to treat it. However, if the damage seems to be normal, but is actually severe within, he will definitely ask you to consult a specialist; and that too the right one. For instance, you may encounter a chest pain, and worry that it is a problem related to the heart. But, only a medical practitioner will be able to identify if the problem is with the heart or it is a gastric or muscular issue. Again, if the condition is minute, the general practitioner will resolve it on his own; and if it seems severe, he will suggest you an appointment with a gastroenterologist or a physiotherapist. On the other hand, if you don’t consult a general physician, you may unnecessarily rush to a cardiologist. Thus, in all ways, a general physician is a significant point of contact!

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    Where to get a reliable general physician in Kota?

    If you live in Kota, and are looking for a reliable general physician, you are definitely looking for Maitri Hospital. This is one of the best and leading hospitals in the state of Rajasthan, which has a huge team of doctors, each general physician in Kota being certified and qualified to do their job. Moreover, here, you can also have access to every kind of specialist in case of emergencies!

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